Paraphilia is a sexual perversion, or sexual deviation, connected to sexual arousal caused by watching, experiencing, or doing objects, events, or actions that are highly atypical for human beings concerning sexual arousal and desire. In other words, paraphilias are different very unusual fetishes, that make people watch, experience, or do things that the majority of people find trivial, weird, or totally disgusting.

There is an impressive list of various paraphilias, from the most harmless to really disturbing and dangerous. Here are some of them:

  • Abasiophilia – sexual arousal to people with limited mobility;
  • Autagonistophilia – being filmed on camera, or being on stage;
  • Capnolagnia – sexual desire caused by smoking, or by seeing other people smoking;
  • Dendrophilia – sexual attraction to trees;
  • Exhibitionism – sexual arousal caused by demonstrating one’s genitals to other people, mainly those who do not expect it;
  • Lactophilia – desire stirred by breastfeeding, watching a lactating woman, or interacting with human milk;
  • Maschalagnia – sexual attraction to armpits;
  • Mazophilia – very atypical and exaggerated attraction to female breasts;
  • Metrophilia – sexual excitement caused by writing, reading, or hearing someone performing poetry;
  • Olfactophilia – desire evoked by smells of the human body, especially of the areas of genitals;
  • Podophilia – arousal by watching or interacting with one’s feet;
  • Somnophilia – desire and excitement by sleeping people or people who are in unconscious condition;
  • Stigmatophilia – atypical sexual arousal and attraction to making body piercing or tattoos; attraction to people with piercing and tattoos.

And this is list is far from full.

Consequences of Paraphilia

Certain philias are totally harmless, and although they can seem embarrassing or weird, the person can find a way to realize their sexual fantasies in a safe environment. For example, podophilia became such a fetish everyone is aware of, and it is pretty easy to find people who are okay with the fact that their potential partner will be aroused by their feet. Of course, harassment should never be tolerated, even if no physical harm is caused to the victim.

However, some forms of philias are disturbing, dangerous to the person who has this philia, or dangerous to people and animals around this person. Some fetishes require hurting people or animals, interacting with young children or non-consenting people, etc. Certain philias suggest self-damage, like licking one’s own blood, and if not controlled, can become the cause of the tragedy.

People with have any kind of philia should assess how dangerous it is for themselves and other people. If it is, they should better seek professional treatment to prevent any casualties of criminal responsibility.