Porn can be a very useful thing in many situations. If someone is lonely, or if the partner is away, if somebody is temporarily bedridden due to an illness and therefore excluded from social and sexual life, if some wants to have his fantasies come true, or if someone just wants to have an entertainment and relax after a hard working day, porn is a godsend.

There are no negative consequences reported in case of watching porn with a moderate frequency. What is moderate for each person can be defined with the help of the usual frequency with which they have sex with real long-term partners. If the person prefers to have sex with a real partner once a day, watching porn once in two-three days is pretty moderate. If the person usually has sex with a real long-term partner once a week, watching porn more often is too often and can lead to negative consequences. One of such consequence is decreased sex drive.

Causes of Decreased Sex Drive

Watching porn and masturbating to it frequently in most cases can lead to a decreased sexual drive to real partners, and decreased libido overall, and this is especially true for men. There are several reasons why that happens.

  • one can get aroused only if sees other people having sex. Being one-on-one with his real partner is not exciting anymore.
  • porn turns out a much easier way to get sexual pleasure, make it last as long as one wants to (fast or, on the contrary, long), decide on every aspect of it, be totally selfish and have no need to meet any desires or requirements of the real partner. Interaction with a real person becomes a burden.
  • actors and actresses in sex videos are often more groomed and perfect-looking than real people in one’s bed; not all women wear full makeup to bed, for example. This decreases attraction of the porn lover to real people.
  • actors and actresses in sex videos never smell, the viewer does not see or feel the sweat, or other physiological representations of their bodies he is not supposed to see. They never go to the restroom, and never fall asleep immediately after orgasm.
  • actors and actresses are never in a bad mood, tired, or indifferent. The viewer does not need to persuade them, talk to them in a loving manner, or do massage. They are always ready for a sexual performance, which is never the case with real people. This makes real people much less attractive, and therefore the sex drive in real life decreases.

  • the porn viewer gets used to his (her) hands or toys used for getting sexual pleasure and satisfaction. If this method of sexual satisfaction is used too often, or more often than sex with a real partner, the viewer’s body gets used to it, and one is consequently unable to get pleasure from sex during a usual intercourse. Other types of sex and stimulation can also be less satisfying because another person does not feel the body of the porn lover the way he\she feels it, and therefore the porn fan finds it more exciting to manage their sexual desires themselves. All this leads to a considerable decrease in sex drive.

Interestingly, with time, sex drive in porn lovers decreases even when they sit down to watch their favorite porn. It happens because the brain gets visually overstimulated, and the images of the wildest sex scenes will not make it interested or excited. These are the direct consequences of watching porn too often.