Watching porn is a popular mode of entertainment and relaxation nowadays, especially among men. Watching porn is a quick and convenient option when one needs to relieve stress, manage anxiety, satisfy sexual desire, and just have a good time when there is nothing more interesting to do.

Most people watch porn online just browsing through the web and finding something to their taste. Some look for a different website every time for the sake of variety or an opportunity to find something better than the previous time. However, most users have from one to five favorite porn websites where they usually find the content they want.

The majority of such videos are totally free of charge. There are in fact thousands of free sex videos of different types and categories, and some of them are of pretty high quality in terms of shooting and image. So, there are tons of free content. However, most websites also offer a subscription to their content, for a moderate sum of money, usually not more than $50 per months. Is subscription worth it, if such content is available for free?

Benefits of Subscription

There are several important benefits of a paid subscription to a porn website that each sex lover has to take into consideration.

Firstly, subscription guarantees that you have all the best, the newest, and the freshest content that is being uploaded to this website. In the free version, you usually have to browse through the categories, look for what is better out there, check if the videos are top-rated, and all that stuff. Some users actually confess that they spend much more time searching for a video they might like than actually enjoying the process. With a subscription, you always know what new videos have arrived in your most favorite categories.

Secondly, you have your own private page where you can save your favorite movies, categorize the best videos, create your own albums, and in general construct your own private sex videos paradize that totally meets your needs and wants.

Thirdly, on some websites, a paid subscription gives users additional options that are not available for users who watch the videos for free. These additional options can include, but are not limited to:

  • secret categories of sex videos;
  • access to live cameras in studios;
  • behind-the-stage videos of shooting;
  • live sex chats;
  • access to products advertised on the website with huge discounts, etc.

Fourthly, the subscription is a must in case you want to try out a virtual reality sex video. Of course, you can look for a free one, however, free VR sex videos are often short, low-quality in terms of image, and are very few. VR sex movies take twice as long to shoot, so they are presented less often than usual videos, and the new ones are available for those who have a subscription.

So check if you want a subscription, or free sex videos are totally enough for your pleasure!