Virtual reality porn movies can act as a temporary and rather convenient substitution of real sex partner, both safe and non-cheating, and at the same time realistic enough to provide satisfaction and distract from sad thoughts.

Lonely People

Let’s face it, there times when one does not have any relationship, cannot find a partner or just feels this is the run of bad luck in terms of dating. In fact, many people do not find it pleasant to look for a one-time partner in order to get sex for one night, because it stresses them out, and the outcomes of such activity are really questionable. Some people may just be not lucky enough to find somebody they mutually like for just having sex without responsibilities.

In this case, virtual reality porn is a good choice. It is realistic enough to create an illusion of being totally involved into the action, and at the same time, this is just a porn video, no real contact, to embarrassment, no all these things that accompany a quick acquaintance for the sake of one-time sex.


On the other hand, partners in some couples may travel for business and their jobs a lot, and still, they feel the need to get sexual pleasure, relax after a hard day, entertain themselves, or simply relieve stress fast. Skype conversations with their spouse are not always available for a bunch of reasons – there are children or parents in the same apartment, time zones do not match, and one actually has to talk and try to maintain contact. Not all spouses are ready to engage in virtual sex. So, reaching out for a VR porn (or even just simple usual porn) movie can be a great idea for a temporary substitution of the real partner.

Temporary Exclusion from Sex Life

Sometimes, cases happen when people become temporarily excluded from social and sex life due to health issues, for example, a severely broken leg, or arm, or whatever else. Sometimes it means being bedridden for several months, which is definitely a torture for a young and sexually active person. Even if they have partners, they may be staying at the hospital where sex is impossible, or sexual intercourse may be totally forbidden by the doctors. Therefore, VR porn will come to the rescue these boring days.

Watching VR porn is obviously an easier task than bringing a partner to your house if you are a teenager, or if your folks are always around the house. Some students feel totally excluded from sex life when they come home for summer holidays from universities and colleges. Parents are not always that understanding and welcoming when it comes to the sexual activity of their children, so the latter have to find ways to satisfy their healthy sexual desires.

Therefore, VR porn videos are a great solution for temporary substitution of a sex partner!