It is most often believed that people tend to watch their favorite porn alone, make sure there is no one at home and that they tend to conceal the fact that they watch porn from their partners.

It is also generally considered that watching porn is destructive for the viewer’s sex drive and consequently, for relationships within the couple. People believe that if the couple has positive and loving relationships, there is no place for porn in this case. However, this is not true.

Porn in Loving Relationships

In loving and positive relationships, sex is a method of showing love and passion, and also to provide care for the desires of the other. However, even in the most loving couples, with time sex drive decreases, and their fantasy is not enough anymore to keep the fire burning. Since the couple finds all other aspects of their relationship fine and satisfying, the only aspect that needs fixing becomes intimate life. And here, sex videos can come to the rescue.

Watching porn together by the couple can help them find out more about each other, get new and unexpected sexual experience, and borrow new poses and methods for their usual sex life. No one recommends developing an addiction in the couple to watching sex videos and just masturbating together. However, a wise approach can turn porn into a useful tool.

Porn in Dysfunctional Couples

Many couples find it hard to maintain emotional connection and also show their love via sex, and eventually, they develop some kind of dysfunction where sex is absent, or one partner feels withdrawn, or rejected, or sex becomes a method of manipulation and control. Inexperienced partners may lack the knowledge and skills to evoke each other’s sexual desire, and eventually lose sexual drive altogether, which can lead to cheating on each other.

For such couples, watching sex videos together can unlock their preferences and show them to each other. Being able to show each other what one wants and how another one is able to satisfy this desire is extremely empowering, especially for those couples that have issues with communication, or for those where one or both partners are inexperienced in sex.

Therefore, watching sex videos together can bring numerous benefits to a couple, improve sex life and relationships, and bring communication between the partners to the next level, without cheating or offending each other.